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Micro Museum small venue BIG ART in Downtown Brooklyn is dedicated to interactive, media, visual and performing arts.  A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, a Registered Trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office, a Registered Charity for the State of NY.

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XFR STN Laziza Electrique Dance Company
14 Videos from the Archive

XFR STN Videokinesis
8 Videos from the Archive

Kathleen Laziza Fashion & Life Styling
2:30 minute slide show

William Laziza Video Jewelry
Press Release and Video


Micro Museum Time Line

Micro Museum is planning a Grand Opening event of the Second Floor in 2015. The Second Floor Exibitions are open daily by appointment. For scheduling and additional information please contact executive@micromuseum.com


Micro Museum - YouTube

Picturing You Videos
9 Videoart Portraits, John's Solo, Dancing, Photos and Docu.


Stay Tuned for 2nd Floor Opening

The Webcam will be re-activated in 2015

Brain Trust

Micro Museum, was founded in 1986 as the original inter-disciplinary art center for Kathleen & William Laziza and their collaborators. Micro Museum has the longest running kinetic sculpture in the Tri-State Area. A Solar Powered artwork called AC/DC Window can be seen running daily in the second floor window as it has since 1994.